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KiloEx Airdrop Guide: How to Increase Your Chances and Maximize Rewards

KiloEX is a perpetual decentralized exchange built on the BNB Smart Chain. It has received investment from Binance Labs, although the exact amount of funding is not disclosed. The tokenomics of the project reveal that 10% of KILO tokens are allocated for early users of the platform. [toc] Just like on familiar platforms such as […]

1 April 2024

PORTAL on Binance Launchpool – Overview and Details

The PIXEL launchpool has just ended, and Binance is already delighting us with a new one. We have a Portal here – gaming platform, which has set itself the goal of attracting as many gamers as possible to WEB3. Read about the project and the details of the launchpool below. About Portal This is a cross-chain […]

21 February 2024

Multiplying Capital: How Binance Launchpad Works

In March 2022, Stepn started from the Binance launchpad. There, you could buy the GMT token for 1 cent. Two weeks later, it was worth 2 dollars. Users were earning x200 with minimal risks. Let’s understand the phenomenon of launchpads and launchpools and find out the difference between them. What is Binance Launchpad Binance Launchpad […]

21 February 2024

Research: Exploring Potential Retrodrops from Current Projects

Retrodrops present a unique opportunity for early adopters to acquire tokens from promising projects. Let’s explore a curated selection of recent and potential retrodrops, highlighting both past successes and future possibilities. We Explore Web3 Daily. The Best Projects Are Posted on Our Twitter – Recent Retrodrops: A Look Back Occurring less frequently but offering […]

12 February 2024

Where to Get Test Tokens – Complete List of Faucets for Testnets

These are essential for signing transactions on test networks. For instance, test ETH in the Goerli testnet can be used for deploying smart contracts in devnet or paying for gas on the Ethereum testnet. ⚡️ Test tokens have no value. They cannot be sold or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. Pick an ecosystem: Ethereum Aptos Aurora […]

5 February 2024

BNB Chain roadmap published: A course for mass adoption and high performance in 2024

BNB Chain set transaction volume records in 2023, driving mass adoption of blockchain technology. There has been significant growth, with BSC processing 32 million transactions per day and opBNB hitting the 71 million transaction mark. The goal for 2024 is to simplify and improve the developer environment, increase speed, reduce cost, and develop a multi-platform […]

5 February 2024