BNB Chain roadmap published: A course for mass adoption and high performance in 2024

BNB Chain set transaction volume records in 2023, driving mass adoption of blockchain technology. There has been significant growth, with BSC processing 32 million transactions per day and opBNB hitting the 71 million transaction mark. The goal for 2024 is to simplify and improve the developer environment, increase speed, reduce cost, and develop a multi-platform strategy.

Key points on which Binance will focus this year:

Multi-Platform Strategy

Three key platforms – BSC, opBNB, and Greenfield – are closely integrated, facilitating the scaling of decentralized applications and easing their mass adoption.

BNB Chain Merger

A strategic transition of Beacon Chain functionalities to BSC is underway, with the Beacon Chain being phased out. New governance and staking mechanisms are being introduced.

High-Performance EVM Platforms

BSC and opBNB aim to maintain leadership among EVM platforms by implementing improvements to enhance performance.

BNB Chain Level 2 (L2)

On opBNB, the gas limit is increased, enabling the processing of up to 10K transactions per second. In Greenfield, a reduction in gas costs is expected thanks to new technologies. opBNB L2 is transforming into ‘opBNB Connect’ to support large-scale applications.


This project is focused on managing 'hot' data, providing direct access to data for opBNB/BSC smart contracts. It has quickly become actively used for data storage, especially in the field of AI.

Security Enhancements with AvengerDAO

In 2023, AvengerDAO initiatives significantly reduced losses from hacking and fraud. Efforts are ongoing to proactively identify and prevent potential threats.

Stimulating Mass Adoption

BNB Chain is committed to creating infrastructure for various applications, including DeFi, gaming, AI, and others, supported by events such as the 2024 Hackathon.

Maintaining Focus on Mass Adoption

Despite challenges, in 2023 BNB Chain demonstrated high performance and scalability. The strategy of mass adoption and development remains unchanged.

New Horizons with the ‘One BNB’ Multi-Platform Paradigm

BNB Chain has expanded capabilities with a multi-platform structure, including opBNB and Greenfield. This solution meets both computational and storage needs of Web3 applications.

Technical Outlook for 2024

  • Decentralization: Increase in the number of active BSC validators, new governance, and staking mechanisms.
  • High-Performance EVMs: Improvements in EVM, including Parallel EVM 3.0 and PBSS optimizations.
  • Scalability of opBNB: Increase in gas limit and support for new technologies.
  • Greenfield 2.0: Development of infrastructure for more efficient data processing.
  • Security: Ongoing efforts by AvengerDAO to enhance security.


In 2024, BNB Chain will continue its strategy of ensuring high performance, scalability, and security. Considering the ‘One BNB’ multi-platform concept, BNB Chain aims for mass adoption in areas like DeFi, gaming, AI, DePIN, DeSoc, and others.