KiloEx Airdrop Guide: How to Increase Your Chances and Maximize Rewards

KiloEX is a perpetual decentralized exchange built on the BNB Smart Chain. It has received investment from Binance Labs, although the exact amount of funding is not disclosed. The tokenomics of the project reveal that 10% of KILO tokens are allocated for early users of the platform.

Just like on familiar platforms such as Binance or Bybit, but with KiloEx, you trade directly from Metamask.

In our guide, we'll explain how to earn points through various interactions with the platform + bonus at the end article. These points can then be converted into KILO tokens.

Facts about KiloEx:

  • Investors: KiloEx is backed by notable investors such as Binance Labs and Manta.
  • Community: They have an active angel investor community (details below).
  • Leadership: The founder is from OKX.
  • Partnerships: KiloEx is preparing to partner with Shardeum and Monad.
  • Collaboration with BNB: They work closely with BNB and have previously mentioned an ecosystem drop.
  • Point System: KiloEx employs a point system similar to that of aevo.

Airdrop Farming Guide 1

Since the exchange operates on a point-based system, these points will be crucial for the airdrop calculation. Our goal is to accumulate at least 2,000 points (which is quite manageable). Trading volumes are the most significant source of points, and the volume depends on the leverage used.

Trading volume includes the total of both bought and sold positions, counting even trades that are closed shortly after opening.

Using leverage increases risks, so here are some simple rules to follow:

  • Trade less volatile pairs to minimize risk.
  • Keep an eye on the liquidation price.
  • Hedge your investments by taking opposite positions on another exchange.

When trading, you will incur a fee. As angel investors, we have been given a code that grants a maximum discount of 10%.

We trade on the opBNB network.

  1. Transfer BNB from any exchange to your Metamask wallet by selecting the opBNB network.
  2. BNB is used to pay for transaction fees.
  3. Trading is done in USDT, which you can purchase within Metamask or on PancakeSwap.

Airdrop Farming Guide 2 – BONUS

Here we enhance the likelihood and size of the airdrop:

  1. KiloEx Team Contest:
    • KiloEx is hosting a contest for teams, evaluated based on trading volume (❗️❗️ not profit, which is crucial).
    • Teams need to achieve a trading volume between $27k and $270k.
    • The contest ends on April 30, with 20 teams winning prizes.
  2. Holder’s Team Initiative:
    • As KiloEx angels, our team gets priority discounts on fees.
    • Team members are eligible for a separate draw if they trade over $10,000.
    • Winning team members will receive OAT from KiloEx and share a prize pool based on trading volume.
  3. How to Qualify for the Holder x KiloEx Airdrop:
    • Register via the provided link.
    • Reach a trading volume of at least $10,000 (quite feasible). You can see it here.
    • Submit your wallet address to: THIS TWEET.

In essence, by trading on KiloEx as part of the Holder team, you boost your chances of receiving a larger airdrop and significantly save on commission fees.

Participation Link: KiloEx Team Contest

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Remember, in March with AEVO, we turned $30 into $110,000 in trading volume, resulting in a $1,800 reward.