PORTAL on Binance Launchpool – Overview and Details

The PIXEL launchpool has just ended, and Binance is already delighting us with a new one. We have a Portal here - gaming platform, which has set itself the goal of attracting as many gamers as possible to WEB3.

Read about the project and the details of the launchpool below.

About Portal

This is a cross-chain gaming platform that gives each player a Portal Passport - a single gaming account that gives access to 200+ games.

Part of the supported games
Part of the supported games

Games are located in different blockchains, but the use of LayerZero allows them to be combined into one ecosystem. So it doesn’t matter which network the game is in, because there will be one wallet for each account, using the native token PORTAL.


PORTAL - The main token of the platform with these applications:

  • Payment of commissions
  • As the main currency in games
  • Holders can vote for project development
  • Staking, for which rewards are promised within games
  • Buying nodes


For setting up a node, validators will receive rewards every 24 hours.

This will require powerful equipment or a rented server. And also some amount in PORTAL. Which one is not known yet.

So far, you can only submit a form for setting up a node.
So far, you can only submit a form for setting up a node.

Now you can fill out a form to set up a node.


Total tokens: 1,000,000,000 $PORTAL
Initial circulation: 167,134,615 $PORTAL (16.71%)

Token distribution
Token distribution

Token unlock schedule

Investors and partners

Portal has only five individual investors, among which are the co-founder of 9GAG and the co-founder of Parallel.life. The amount of investment is unknown.

There are also rumors of investments from LayerZero Labs

Among the partners: Cross-chain infrastructure LayerZero and gaming platform Immutable X.

Also, the co-founder of Rockstar Gaming (GTA) and the director of business development EA Games are helping in the development of the platform.

Launchpool Details

Farming PORTAL on the launchpool starts on February 22 at 00:00 UTC and lasts until February 29 at 00:00.

For staking on this page BNB or FDUSD you get PORTAL. 5% of all tokens are allocated to the launchpool:
— 80% to the BNB pool
— 20% to the FDUSD pool

Token listing on the exchange - February 29 at 10:00 UTC.

If you are going to use the Launchpool for the first time or just didn’t understand anything, read our guide.

In the end

The pool of investors may not inspire confidence, but partnership with such large companies as LayerZero and Immutable X is a big plus. Also I mention the partnership with 200+ games.

But even so, judging by the token unlock schedule, in two years the number of tokens in circulation will increase from 16 to 95%. Investing for the long term - Doubtful idea.