BasketCoin (BSKT)

BasketCoin BSKT

Price of 1 BasketCoin today (21 May)
$ 0.167
Price Min/Max
24 hrs
$ 0.15
$ 0.17
30 days
$ 0.15
$ 0.17
1 year
$ 0.06
$ 0.18
Market Cap
$ 1,110,198
Trading Volume, 24h
$ 5,624.48
Supply token
6,632,660 BSKT

Today BasketCoin (BSKT) торгуется только на . The maximum trading volume is observed for the trading pair BSKT/WBNB and reaches 5 ths. dollars (100% of the total volume across all exchanges). During the week, the minimum price for BasketCoin (BSKT) is fixed on Thursday at 0.15 cents. Currently, the token BasketCoin is trading in the range of 16.74 cents or 15.12 rubles for 1 BSKT.

Price of BasketCoin (BSKT)

Exchanges where BSKT is traded

Exchange Pair Price Volume, 24h
1 PancakeSwap (v2) BSKT/WBNB
$ 0.17
WBNB 0.0003
$ 4,970 Go

Calculator BSKT


1 BSKT = 0.17 USD

What is BasketCoin?

"Deflationary token, secured with a basket of cryptocurrencies, with the possibility of staking.

BasketCoin is: Deflationary, With collateral - covering its value, With the system of repurchase and burning of BSKT tokens.

A fee of 2% of the value of each transaction will be taken from the transfer - half is burned out, the other half goes to the staking/reward redistribution pool which indeed speeds up the process of reducing supply. Smart Contract itself assumes that a total of 90% of all BSKT will be burned -> supply will decrease from 21,000,000 to 2,100,000

The BSKT token is secured with a basket of seven cryptocurrencies that cover its value. The security so adopted is intended to ensure a constant and stable increase in the value of tokens. Thanks to the correct match of coins in our basket, its value is less susceptible to fluctuations appearing in the cryptocurrency market. The BSKT token security chart looks like this:

Bitcoin (BTC) – responsible for 25% of the value of the coverage,
Ethereum (ETH) – responsible for 25% of the coverage value,
Polkadot (DOT) – responsible for 10% of the coverage value, Smarkey (SKEY) – responsible for 10% of the coverage value, (YF-DAI) – responsible for 10% of the coverage value, USD Coin (USDC) – responsible for 10% of the coverage value, Basketcoin (BSKT) – responsible for 10% of the coverage value.

All listed cryptocurrencies that make up the BSKT basket will be used to generate additional profits on platforms such as: (profits of 3%-12% APR), YF-DAI (profits up to 72% APR), Swissborg (profits up to 20% APR), and other decentralised profit-generating platforms in DeFi format.

Revenues from these platforms will be used in the repurchase process for the redemption and burning of BSKT tokens, contributing to a significant reduction in supply on the secondary market. 90% of the above profits will be used for repurchase and burnout, while the remaining 10% will be used for ongoing and necessary expenses related"

How to add BasketCoin to Metamask?

To add BSKT to the metamask you need:

  1. In the wallet select the desired network and then in the cryptocurrencies section scroll to the bottom - click "Import tokens".
  2. Copy the smart contract address for BasketCoin from the list below.
  3. Paste into the "Smart Contract Address" field.
  4. Click the "Add Custom Token" button.

The BSKT is available on the 1 blockchain сети. Below is a list of BasketCoin smartcontract addresses to add to the metamask:

  • BNB Smart Chain - 0x4dd1984a706e1c2c227bea67ad2f92dbde30afce

Official websites and links for BasketCoin

There are currently about 5 official links to BasketCoin websites and social media:

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