Price of 1 panKUKU today (27 May)
$ 0.000000934
Price Min/Max
24 hrs
$ 0.00000088
$ 0.00000094
30 days
$ 0.00000068
$ 0.00000094
1 year
$ 0.00000016
$ 0.0000044
Market Cap
Trading Volume, 24h
$ 7,526.95
Supply token
Max Supply

Today panKUKU (KUKU) торгуется только на . The maximum trading volume is observed for the trading pair KUKU/USDT and reaches 7.7 ths. dollars (100% of the total volume across all exchanges). During the week, the minimum price for panKUKU (KUKU) is fixed on Wednesday at 0.00000069 cents. Currently, the token panKUKU is trading in the range of 0.000093 cents or 0.0083 kopecks for 1 KUKU.

Price of panKUKU (KUKU)

Exchanges where KUKU is traded

Exchange Pair Price Volume, 24h
1 Tokpie KUKU/USDT
$ 0.00000093
₮ 0.00000093
$ 7,649 Go
$ 0.0000007
₮ 0.0000007
$ 9 Go

Calculator KUKU


1 KUKU = 0.00000093 USD

What is panKUKU?

panKUKU (KUKU) is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that aims to offer a One-Stop DeFi platform for its users. KUKU is a Hyper Deflationary Rewards Token running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20. It's most unique feature is the token's utility as a payment method on their own e-commerce platform.

KUKU is the native token that is used for:
* Staking * Minting NFT's * Playing the Lottery * Payments on KUKU SHOP

Future Products planned for 2022:
KUKU Wallet, KUKU Play, Predictions and a Launchpad
panKUKU was founded in November 2021 by Nigel Hupsel from Paramaribo, Suriname. He is also the CEO of panKUKU LLC based in Wyoming USA. The main team is located in Paramaribo, Suriname and there are several sub teams located in USA, India and The Netherlands.

Inspired by the renowned Pancakeswap (CAKE), the team set out to create a DEX on BSC which aims to provide various products to enable constant user attraction. Furthermore they developed a E-Commerce platform with a unique utility to pay with the KUKU token for a wide-range of goods from Online Stores like Amazon and Walmart; offered as a "Drop Shipping Service". Having the experience and know-how in the Blockchain and E-Commerce world, the team created a unique opportunity to bridge logistics, payments and security between these two worlds.

Other unique features of the KUKU token are:
* No minting of new tokens (capped forever)
* A Burn System (automated & manual)
* Anti-Whale Function
* Automated Rewards to holders

Swap, Stake & Shop!

How to add panKUKU to Metamask?

To add KUKU to the metamask you need:

  1. In the wallet select the desired network and then in the cryptocurrencies section scroll to the bottom - click "Import tokens".
  2. Copy the smart contract address for panKUKU from the list below.
  3. Paste into the "Smart Contract Address" field.
  4. Click the "Add Custom Token" button.

The KUKU is available on the 1 blockchain сети. Below is a list of panKUKU smartcontract addresses to add to the metamask:

  • BNB Smart Chain - 0x84fd7cc4cd689fc021ee3d00759b6d255269d538

Official websites and links for panKUKU

There are currently about 5 official links to panKUKU websites and social media:

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