PalmSwap (PALM)

PalmSwap PALM

Last price update: 26 April
$ 0.00324
Cryptocurrency PalmSwap is not active.

PalmSwap is awaiting listing on exchanges.

The token price for PALM is unknown.

Exchanges that list tokens earlier than others:,

We regularly announce listings of top projects in our X (Twitter) - HOLDER_IO

Price Min/Max
24 hrs
30 days
$ 0.0032
$ 0.0053
1 year
$ 0.0026
$ 1.72
Market Cap
Trading Volume, 24h
$ 80,573
Supply token
Max Supply

Today PalmSwap (PALM) During the week, the minimum price for PalmSwap (PALM) is fixed on Friday at 0.0032 cents. Currently, the token PalmSwap is trading in the range of 0.32 cents or 29.03 kopecks for 1 PALM.

Price of PalmSwap (PALM)

Exchanges where PALM is traded

No data

Calculator PALM


1 PALM = 0.0032 USD

What is PalmSwap?

Palmswap is a decentralized perpetual exchange for leverage trading on BNB Smart Chain. Users can trade with up to 10X leverage and use Market Order, Limit Orders, Stop Loss, Take Profit as well as conditional orders 100% on-chain.

It’s token PALM fuels Palmswap’s ecosystem and holders can benefit from discount on fees, boost their affiliate earnings or participate in governance votings. Traders are incentivized by Palmswap’s Trade-To-Earn program, rewarding traders weekly with PALM tokens, based on their trading volume.

How to add PalmSwap to Metamask?

To add PALM to the metamask you need:

  1. In the wallet select the desired network and then in the cryptocurrencies section scroll to the bottom - click "Import tokens".
  2. Copy the smart contract address for PalmSwap from the list below.
  3. Paste into the "Smart Contract Address" field.
  4. Click the "Add Custom Token" button.

The PALM is available on the 1 blockchain сети. Below is a list of PalmSwap smartcontract addresses to add to the metamask:

  • BNB Smart Chain - 0x29745314b4d294b7c77cdb411b8aaa95923aae38

Official websites and links for PalmSwap

There are currently about 3 official links to PalmSwap websites and social media:

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