TangleSwap VOID (VOID)

TangleSwap VOID VOID

Price of 1 TangleSwap VOID today (27 May)
$ 0.00315
Price Min/Max
24 hrs
$ 0.0031
$ 0.0032
30 days
$ 0.0019
$ 0.0065
1 year
$ 0.0019
$ 0.04
Market Cap
Trading Volume, 24h
$ 46,174
Supply token

Today TangleSwap VOID (VOID) торгуется только на . The maximum trading volume is observed for the trading pair VOID/USDT and reaches 46.1 ths. dollars (100% of the total volume across all exchanges). During the week, the minimum price for TangleSwap VOID (VOID) is fixed on Tuesday at 0.0025 cents. Currently, the token TangleSwap VOID is trading in the range of 0.31 cents or 27.93 kopecks for 1 VOID.

Price of TangleSwap VOID (VOID)

Exchanges where VOID is traded

Exchange Pair Price Volume, 24h
$ 0.0031
₮ 0.0032
$ 46,125 Go

Calculator VOID


1 VOID = 0.0031 USD

What is TangleSwap VOID?

VOID is TangleSwap's utility token. Recognizing that for a web3 platform to be successful it must live in symbiosis with its native token, TangleSwap has created an economy that truly intertwines its applications with the VOID token. The Void Energy reputation mechanism fulfills this ethos by unlocking numerous platform-wide benefits to reputable token holders, while fostering economic incentives that lead to multi-stakeholder alignment and maximization of platform success. Buy-&-Burn Blasters complement these mechanisms by fostering sustainable and organic token support. The end result is a token that represents the beating heart of the TangleSwap protocol — the fuel of our Tangleship — and a cornerstone of decentralized finance: $VOID

How to add TangleSwap VOID to Metamask?

To add VOID to the metamask you need:

  1. In the wallet select the desired network and then in the cryptocurrencies section scroll to the bottom - click "Import tokens".
  2. Copy the smart contract address for TangleSwap VOID from the list below.
  3. Paste into the "Smart Contract Address" field.
  4. Click the "Add Custom Token" button.

The VOID is available on the 2 blockchain сетях. Below is a list of TangleSwap VOID smartcontract addresses to add to the metamask:

  • ShimmerEVM - 0xe5f3dcc241dd008e3c308e57cf4f7880ea9210f8
  • Milkomeda (Cardano) - 0x6085c822b7a4c688d114468b1380a0ed1873a0b3

Official websites and links for TangleSwap VOID

There are currently about 3 official links to TangleSwap VOID websites and social media:

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