Revenue Coin (RVC)

Revenue Coin RVC

Price of 1 Revenue Coin today (14 July)
$ 0.00171
Price Min/Max
24 hrs
$ 0.0017
$ 0.0017
30 days
$ 0.0017
$ 0.0019
1 year
$ 0.00042
$ 0.0043
Market Cap
$ 1,474,168
Trading Volume, 24h
$ 5.72
Supply token
862,441,188 RVC 50%
Max Supply

Today Revenue Coin (RVC) only traded on . The maximum trading volume is observed for the trading pair RVC/BSC-USD and reaches 4 dollars (59% of the total volume across all exchanges). During the week, the minimum price for Revenue Coin (RVC) is fixed on Saturday at 0.0017 cents. Currently, the token Revenue Coin is trading in the range of 0.17 cents or 14.94 kopecks for 1 RVC.

Price of Revenue Coin (RVC)

Exchanges where RVC is traded

Exchange Pair Price Volume, 24h
1 PancakeSwap (v2) RVC/BSC-USD
$ 0.0017
BSC-USD 0.0017
$ 4 Go
2 PancakeSwap (v2) RVC/BUSD--3
$ 0.0017
BUSD--3 0.0017
$ 3 Go

Calculator RVC


1 RVC = 0.0017 USD

What is Revenue Coin?

Revenue Coin (RVC) holders fund high-tech companies to scale marketing, sales, and social activities. Startups receiving funding allocate a % of revenues to the systematic purchase of RVC from the market, reducing supply and increasing its valuation.

Revenue Coin is a deflationary token, and its quantity is fixed in a smart contract. RVC supply on the market will decrease due to monthly buyback and burning of tokens. Companies from the Revenue Capital ecosystem are obliged to allocate up to 10% of their revenues to this end. In addition, the temporary blocking of RVC held by the team and the largest investors will protect it against sudden price falls.

Revenue Coin (RVC) is a revenue token. The settlement between Revenue Capital - the issuer of tokens - and you as an investor takes place by buying and burning tokens. Both burning (reduction of supply) and purchase of tokens from exchanges will increase the RVC value systematically over time.

How to add Revenue Coin to Metamask?

To add RVC to the metamask you need:

  1. In the wallet select the desired network and then in the cryptocurrencies section scroll to the bottom - click "Import tokens".
  2. Copy the smart contract address for Revenue Coin from the list below.
  3. Paste into the "Smart Contract Address" field.
  4. Click the "Add Custom Token" button.

The RVC is available on the 1 blockchain сети. Below is a list of Revenue Coin smartcontract addresses to add to the metamask:

  • BNB Smart Chain - 0xbcbdecf8e76a5c32dba69de16985882ace1678c6

Official websites and links for Revenue Coin

There are currently about 4 official links to Revenue Coin websites and social media:

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